Secure FTP Server

An effective secure FTP server will allow your trading partners to connect to your organization and exchange files within a safe and managed environment. It is equally important that your secure FTP server generates detailed audit trails for meeting compliance requirements.


The GoAnywhere secure FTP server is robust enterprise-level file sharing solution including an integrated SFTP Server, FTPS Server and HTTPS server.

Meet Growing Demands

Delivering the best possible service is paramount, so you need a secure FTP server that is highly scalable with support for popular file transfer protocols (FTP, SFTP, FTPS, HTTPS, AS2) and encryption standards including AES.  It should support multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, VMware, IBM i, AIX, UNIX, and Solaris, and include options to enhance high availability through clustering and load balancing.

Take Control

Remote administration and monitoring is simple through GoAnywhere's intuitive browser-based interface. It includes robust security including Active Directory (AD) and LDAP authentication, brute-force and DoS attack monitors, password policies, IP filters and more. Integrated key management is included with support for importing existing keys and certificates. Transmissions can be secured with SSL/TLS or SSH encryption with support for FIPS 140-2 validated algorithms. Detailed audit logs and SYSLOG feeds will keep track of file transfers every step of the way.

Improve Workflow

Save time and manage file transfers more efficiently through a variety of flexible GoAnywhere features.  For example, event triggers can automatically process files when they are downloaded or uploaded from a partner, such as send an email alert or call a custom program. An intuitive web client interface allows for simple ad-hoc file transfers through the browser.  Users can also send large files securely right from Microsoft Outlook or through a secure web form.