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GoAnywhere™ is a managed file transfer (MFT) and secure FTP solution that will streamline and automate file transfers with your trading partners, customers, employees and internal servers.

Enterprise level controls and detailed audit logs are provided in GoAnywhere for meeting strict security policies and compliance requirements including PCI DSS, FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX, GLBA and state privacy laws.

GoAnywhere is an on-site solution that administrators can access through a browser-based dashboard. The suite includes GoAnywhere Director (for managing batch file transfers), GoAnywhere Services (a secure FTP server for trading partners and others), and GoAnywhere Gateway, a reverse and forward proxy to keep sensitive data out of the DMZ.

The GoAnywhere Suite:

Managed File Transfer

GoAnywhere Director™

Secure FTP Server

GoAnywhere Services™

DMZ Gateway with Reverse Proxy

GoAnywhere Gateway™

Managed File Transfer
Centralized control, security and auditing of all file transfers

Connect Everything
SFTP, SCP, FTP/s, HTTP/s, AS2, MQ and email integration

Automate Business Processes
Scheduler, script, API and command line execution

Extract, Transform and Load
Database, XML, Excel, Fixed-width and CSV conversion

Encrypt and Decrypt Files
Open PGP, GPG and AES encryption with FIPS 140-2

Secure FTP Server
On-premise SFTP, FTP/s, HTTP/s and AS2 file services

GoDrive for Collaboration
Enterprise file sync and sharing services for employees and partners

Encrypt Email Attachments
Outlook plug-in and web client for sending sensitive files

Meet SLAs and Growth
Active-active and clustering for mission-critical environments

Audit Partner Activity
Detailed logs, SYSLOG feeds, alerts and reports

Enhanced Reverse Proxy
Keeps files in the private network and out of the DMZ

Close Inbound Ports
No incoming ports need opened into the private network

Mask System Identities
Additional layer of network security to protect systems

Load Balance Servers
Incoming traffic is distributed to meet growing demands

Meet Compliance Needs
PCI, HIPAA, HITECH, SOX and other regulations

GoAnywhere OpenPGP Studio™

A free desktop tool that makes it easy to protect sensitive files using the popular Open PGP encryption standard. Documents can be encrypted, decrypted, signed and verified from your PC or workstation using this intuitive tool. An integrated key manager allows you to quickly create, import, export and manage Open PGP keys needed to encrypt and decrypt files.

Runs on almost any operating system including Windows®, Linux, Mac OS X®, Solaris and UNIX. Download and install to your desktop in minutes.
GoAnywhere Suite

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