GoAnywhere Services

GoAnywhere Services™ is a secure FTP server (and optional web server) that allows customers, trading partners and employees to connect to your system and exchange files. This is an on-premise solution that includes enterprise SFTP, FTPS and FTP Servers with extensive management controls and audit log reporting. An HTTPS server can also be enabled for performing ad-hoc file transfers and sending secure mail through an intuitive browser-based interface.

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GoAnywhere Services


GoAnywhere Services is installed in your existing IT infrastructure, which allows you to keep local control over trading partner accounts, permissions and data files. GoAnywhere Services includes the following comprehensive features:

"It's very powerful and easy to use and learn. Gives you the ability to consolidate all your communications protocols and various processes into one application. I would recommend to anyone looking for a great MFT solution."

Dave A.
Data Acquisition Developer,
SPS Commerce, Inc.

Secure File Transfer

Ad-Hoc File Sharing

  • HTTPS server for simple HTML 5 browser-based ad-hoc file transfers
  • Enterprise file syncing and sharing using GoDrive
  • Secure Mail module for sending files using email notifications with HTTPS download links


  • Enterprise level security features to meet compliance requirements
  • Provides FIPS 140-2 compliance mode to meet U.S. Government (NIST) encryption standards
  • Integrated key management tools for SSH Keys and SSL/TLS Certificates
  • Automatically encrypt files on disk using AES256 encryption
  • With GoAnywhere Gateway™, no sensitive information (files, users, passwords, certificates, etc) is stored in the DMZ and no inbound ports need to be opened into the private (internal) network

System Administration

  • Event Triggers - Send email alerts or perform actions on files when user-defined events occur (e.g. upload, download, invalid login, etc.)
  • Highly scalable with support for clustering (active-active) and load balancing
  • HTML 5 browser-based interface for remote administration and monitoring
  • Unlimited administrative users with role-based permissions
  • Bandwidth throttling to limit network usage by day-of-week and time-of-day
  • Detailed audit logs for all user activity and file transfers
  • No programming or special skills required to set up

Web User Administration

  • SAML support to centralize access control and improve the user experience
  • Comprehensive user management system for trading partners, customers and employee accounts
  • Lock users into specific home directories with granular permissions (e.g. upload, download, etc.)
  • Define virtual folders with user-friendly aliases and permissions
  • Disk quotas to limit storage space usage by each user and folder
GoAnywhere Services Secure File Server
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View the detailed features in GoAnywhere Services and learn how it can meet your mission critical requirements.

GoAnywhere Services can be installed onto Windows, VMware, Linux, IBM i, AIX (pSeries), UNIX, HP-UX, Mac OS and Solaris platforms.  IBM i is also referred to as System i, iSeries, as400, as/400 and i5.