Email GoAnywhere Director™ can be utilized for both sending and receiving email.
Connections can be made to both standard and secure email servers using SSL. Email servers (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) can be pre-defined in GoAnywhere Director's Administrator as reusable Resources which can then be selected from simple drop-down menus.
Email Tasks can be placed within GoAnywhere Director Projects and executed as part of a cohesive process.  For instance, a Project could be defined to retrieve records from a database file, convert the records into an Excel document, and then email the Excel document to one or more recipients.

Send email features:

  • Select the email SMTP server to send the emails through
  • Specify multiple To, CC and BCC addresses
  • Specify the subject, message and reply-to
  • Attach one or more files
  • Use international characters
  • Connect over SSL
  • Enable S/MIME encryption
  • Pass in variables (at runtime) to override email attributes

Retrieve email features:

  • Select the POP3 or IMAP server to retrieve the emails from
  • Filter incoming emails based on From email address, To email address, Subject and Message text
  • Store email details and attachments for further processing within a Project
  • Connect over SSL
  • Decrypt S/MIME messages
  • Pass in variables (at runtime) to override email attributes

Screenshot of defining an email to send:

Send Secure Email

GoAnywhere Director can be installed onto Windows, VMware, Linux, IBM i, AIX (pSeries), UNIX, HP-UX, Mac OS and Solaris platforms.  IBM i is also referred to as System i, iSeries, as400, as/400 and i5.