Ad Hoc File Transfers | HTTPS Web Client

The GoAnywhere HTTPS Web Client provides a simple and secure portal for employees and trading partners to exchange files on an ad hoc basis.

Preferred over free FTP tools and cloud-based services, the GoAnywhere HTTPS Web Client lets you keep control of file transfers while providing the audit trails needed for compliance.

Simplify File Transfers

Customers and trading partners can exchange files right through their browser when using the GoAnywhere Services HTTPS Web Client. Files can be uploaded or downloaded through simple context-sensitive menus or drag-n-drop with the mouse. The Web Client portal can be branded with your organization's logo, custom disclaimer message and privacy policy. User accounts can be created quickly through the browser-based administrator, or you can allow your partners to self-register.

Keep Data Secure and in Compliance

The GoAnywhere HTTPS Web Client protects ad hoc file transfers using popular secure protocols of SSL and TLS, with support for strong FIPS 140-2 validated encryption algorithms of AES and TDES. A variety of robust security measures are included such as AD and LDAP authentication, login failure monitoring, PCI-level password policies and granular folder permission controls.

Stay in Control

Administrators can quickly monitor currently logged-in users with the ability to terminate suspicious sessions. IPs can be blacklisted manually, or can be auto-blacklisted using DoS and Brute-Force attack monitors. Detailed audit trails and reports in GoAnywhere will help your organization to keep in compliance with regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and state privacy regulations.