Enterprise File Transfer Solutions

Simplify, automate and secure your file transfer processes

Linoma Software provides innovative solutions for securing and automating data movement for over 3,000 customers around the world including Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations and government entities. For a quick overview of GoAnywhere™, please refer to the solutions listed below or browse our detailed product information and FAQs. To speak to one of our product specialists who can help you identify the solution that will meet your needs, please contact us or start a live chat.

Managed File Transfer

Managed File Transfer (MFT) is the process of automating and securing data transmissions using a centralized enterprise-level approach. Incorporating a managed file transfer solution will save time and money, improve the security of your data, and help meet compliance requirements.  Learn more

Secure FTP Server

A secure FTP server provides a secure environment for trading partners, vendors, and employees to connect to send files to your organization, or to retrieve the specific files you've shared with them using SFTP, FTPS and SCP standards.   For companies where file exchanges such as these are a key part of the daily business workflow, adding automation to the secure FTP server can streamline the entire managed file transfer process. Learn more

Open PGP (GPG)

GoAnywhere Director™ includes Open PGP encryption technology to address the privacy and integrity of data. Open PGP (also known as GPG) is an industry standard that uses a combination of asymmetric (public key) cryptography and symmetric cryptology for providing a high level of data protection, making Open PGP one of the most popular encryption methods used today. Learn more

Ad-Hoc File Transfers

GoAnywhere Services™ provides a secure HTTPS server that allows your trading partners and employees to perform ad-hoc file transfers directly through their browser. This is a simple alternative to other file transfer methods like FTP since end-users do not need additional software or special training. Learn more

Secure Email

GoAnywhere Secure Mail allows your employees to send large or sensitive files securely right from Microsoft Outlook, or alternately using a browser-based form.  Its a much more secure, compliance-friendly solution than using free file sharing (cloud-based) solutions. Learn more

Reverse Proxy DMZ Gateway

GoAnywhere Gateway™ is both an enhanced reverse proxy and forward proxy that provides an additional layer of security when exchanging data with your trading partners.  No data needs to be stored in the DMZ and no inbound ports need to be opened into your internal (private) network. Learn more