Customer Video Reviews

Often the best way to know if a software solution is right for your company is to hear how others have implemented it. Below you'll find stories from customers who have used GoAnywhere to help simplify, automate, and protect their file transfers. See how they've been able to save time, improve workflow, tighten administrative control, manage multiple file types, and automate features like error notifications and project launches.

In addition to these videos, you can check out our library of case studies or take a quick look at testimonials our customers have sent to us, as well as those on LinkedIn.

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AAA Cooper Transportation

Industry: Shipping/Supply Chain Management

See how Bruce and his team manage file transfers among his team on the road and the customers they serve.

American Fidelity and Liberty Insurance

Industry: Insurance

GoAnywhere enables a small IT team to streamline processes in order to get more done in less time.

BlueGrass Mailing

Industry: Printing/Fulfillment

To meet the needs of their printing and mail fulfillment customers, Bobby needed a Secure FTP Server with an intuitive web portal.

Grocery Outlet

Industry: Retail

Steve Tuscher's staff needed a way to automate thousands of file transfers and manage error reporting, and found a way to use GoAnywhere's email reporting feature to help his staff monitor workflows from mobile devices.

Hyundai Auto - Canada

Industry: Manufacturing

The team at Hyundai needed an automated file transfer solution that would work across multiple platforms, and GoAnywhere was the only one they found that met their requirements.

ICE Services AB

Industry: Rights Management

The API interface allows ICE Services AB to easily maintain new accounts using GoAnywhere.

Londen Insurance

Industry: Insurance

Because more customers were making similar requests, this IT team needed a way to automate their responses while keeping customer data secure.

Medical University of South Carolina

Industry: Education

Hear how MUSC uses the automation and data translation tasks in GoAnywhere to streamline workflow and save time.

Monterey Mushrooms

Industry: Wholesale Distribution

One of Barbara's favorite features is GoAnywhere's error notifications, which have drastically reduced the amount of time she spends following up on projects.

PC Richard & Son

Industry: Internet Retail

Roc used GoAnywhere to consolidate all of the file transfer processes his team used to ensure everything was monitored and secure.

Pennsylvania Housing Financing

Industry: Financial

Instead of the old way of writing custom scripts in multiple formats, GoAnywhere helped Kevin simplify and automate their file transfer workflows, both internally and externally.

Think Mutual Bank

Industry: Banking

The flexibility of GoAnywhere allows Amy's team to manage multiple projects seamlessly, regardless of changing requirements.

United Security Insurance

Industry: Insurance

Implementing GoAnywhere allowed USHL to bring claims processing in-house and still save hours of programming time each day.

WIS:DOM Information Systems

Industry: Logistics

Communication with customers is essential for third-party logistics provider WIS:DOM Information Systems. Hear from Matt Booher on how they use GoAnywhere to run 1,500 to 2,000 jobs a day and the significance of using transaction notifications.