Protecting Customers' Privacy is Critical for Retailers

Customer fears over identity theft can be a significant obstacle for any retailer, so protecting sensitive data is critical.

Ensuring compliance with commercial regulations enforced by federal and state legislation, as well as managing all of that data, can be overwhelming without a managed file transfer solution to simplify, automate, and secure all file exchanges.

GoAnywhere MFT™ makes it easy to manage projects like these:

Automate and manage file transfers through a centralized solution
Maintain the security and integrity of file transmissions
Close inbound ports into the internal network and keep sensitive files out of the DMZ
Securely transmit data to vendors, banks and customers
Generate audit trails required to demonstrate compliance
Save money by effectively centralizing file transfer processes that may run on different systems
Streamline file transfer processes and workflows
Control access to sensitive documents with user and group roles

GoAnywhere MFT Product Specs (click for details)

Supports all secure protocols:
Includes popular encryption methods:
Runs on most platforms:

A Customer's Perspective:

Listed below are the primary mandates which retail IT departments must meet when transmitting data:

PCI DSS (Version 1.2):  
Maintain the security of credit card transactions, including those sent electronically by batch via file transfer.
SOX Section 404:
Establish and document internal guidelines describing how the integrity and security of data transfers will be maintained.
Federal and State Business Tax Codes:  
Ensure that tax filings sent by FTP must be based on secure, reliable and confirmable information.
Non-Bank Financial Services Rule (April 2012):  
As with SOX, develop and implement internal policies regarding the protection of data integrity and security when in motion.
Federal Trade Commission Regulations:  
Protect price monitoring and inventory control data shared with the FTC during file transfers.
"WOW! it was so easy to setup. Every few months we find ways to use GoAnywhere in other projects, we are up to the fifth new project now."
Tomas M.
Senior Systems Analyst,
City Furniture

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