Manufacturing and Distribution

Profitable Production Depends on Secure Data

The manufacture, warehousing and delivery of products involves a number of instances where sensitive, critical electronic files need to be securely exchanged with partners and government agencies.

If your organization is not properly encrypting and logging file transfer transactions, companies can risk significant fines and penalties.

GoAnywhere MFT™ makes it easy to manage projects like these:

Automate and manage file transfers through a centralized solution
Maintain the security and integrity of file transmissions
Close inbound ports into the internal network and keep sensitive files out of the DMZ
Securely transmit data to vendors, banks and customers
Generate audit trails required to demonstrate compliance
Save money by effectively centralizing file transfer processes that may run on different systems
Streamline file transfer processes and workflows
Control access to sensitive documents with user and group roles

GoAnywhere MFT Product Specs (click for details)

Supports all secure protocols:
Includes popular encryption methods:
Runs on most platforms:

A Customer's Perspective:

Regulations for manufacturing, distribution, and supply-chain management vary depending on industry and geography, and the landscape is constantly changing. Still, chances are good you'll be accountable for meeting these requirements:

SOX Section 404:
Meet administrative/management self-assessment and compliance requirements to have internally established guidelines for maintaining integrity and security for file transfers.
Federal and State Business Tax Codes:
File earnings, payroll, and other tax documentation based on secure and accurate information shared through reliable data transfer software.
Federal Trade Commission Regulations:
  • Ensure that tax filings exchanged with relevant parties must be based on secure, reliable and confirmable information.
  • Protect price monitoring and inventory control data shared with the FTC during file transfers.
21 CFR Part 1.326-1.368 (Food Products):  
Establish and maintain records needed to identify an immediate bio-terrorist threat which must be easily accessible and secure if transferred.
"The encryption and authentication options allowed us the flexibility to interact seamlessly with our partners based on the challenging and different requirements."
Mike E.
Manager, IT - Data Management,
Avantor Performance Materials, Inc.

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