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8.5.15 - GoAnywhere MFT 5.0 for Managed and Secure File Transfers

GoAnywhere MFT 5.0 introduces many new features to improve your workflows, secure file transfers and collaboration. This special webinar event presents the advantages of Managed File Transfer and what to look for in an MFT solution. You'll then take a brief tour of GoAnywhere MFT's most powerful components and recent enhancements.

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7.16.15 - 10 Ways to Make File Transfers Easier, Automated and Secure

File transfer processes that involve complicated scripts or legacy programs are costing you valuable time and potentially putting your data at risk. This FREE webinar shows you the downside of traditional file transfer solutions and provides an informative introduction to the benefits of Managed File Transfer, including a product demonstration.

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3.26.15 - On-premise Alternative to Cloud File Sharing

Are you looking for a better solution than cloud-based file sharing services like Dropbox to transmit sensitive company data? On-premise Enterprise File Sync and Sharing (EFSS) is a secure document storage solution that puts IT administrators back in control. We'll show you how easy it can be to utilize an on-premise EFSS solution in your organization.

Learn more about the benefits of EFSS and enjoy a brief tour of GoDriveā„¢ by GoAnywhere.

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10.23.14 - 10 Ways to Make IBM i File Transfers Easier

We know that file transfers on IBM i can be challenging. Many organizations are still transferring files using legacy programs or cumbersome tools. Are you looking to change all that while adding automation, security and audit trails? This webinar shows you ten ways it becomes easier with the Managed File Transfer solution, GoAnywhere MFT.

From there, we'll show you MFT in action with a brief tour of GoAnywhere MFT.

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