File Monitors

GoAnywhere MFT™ can monitor (scan) for files that have been created, modified, or deleted within specific folders on the network or on SFTP and FTP/s servers. When file activity occurs, a predefined workflow process can be executed to encrypt, translate, compress, or distribute those files.

File Monitor Features:

  • Scan for new, modified, or deleted files in targeted folders
  • Watch local folders, network shares, SFTP servers, FTP and FTPS servers
  • Ensure files are not being written to using file locks or secondary snapshots
  • Filter file names using wildcard or regular expressions
  • Customize the frequency to scan (days of week, time of day, etc.)
  • Run projects to process the files when found
  • Send notifications when no files are found, when projects complete, and if any errors occur 

File Monitor Screen - General Tab

File Monitor

File Monitor Screen - Schedule Tab

File Monitor