Excel Write

Microsoft Excel .XLSX and .XLS documents can be generated from database files or other file formats such as delimited text, fixed-width, flat files and XML documents.
When defining an Excel conversion, you can choose to use an Excel Template which may contain predefined headings, fonts, formulas, etc.
GoAnywhere Director can create Excel documents using a variety of user-specified options:
  • Custom titles, page headers, column headings and footers
  • Support for Excel Templates
  • Multiple sheet support
  • Custom column widths and row heights
  • Selectable fonts, font sizes, colors, alignment, etc.  (by sheet or by column)
  • Formatting options for dates and numbers
  • Append to the end of existing Excel documents
  • Replace existing Excel documents
  • Pass in variables (at runtime) to override attributes
After an Excel document is generated, GoAnywhere Director can then compress or encrypt the Excel document. The document can then be stored on the file system or distributed to a FTP server, HTTP server or email addresses. XLSX documents can also be password protected with AES encryption.

GoAnywhere Director can be installed onto Windows, VMware, Linux, IBM i, AIX (pSeries), UNIX, HP-UX, Mac OS and Solaris platforms.  IBM i is also referred to as System i, iSeries, as400, as/400 and i5.