You can create "Projects" in GoAnywhere Director to define the file transfers and business processes to perform. A Project can contain multiple steps (called tasks) to execute as a seamless end-to-end workflow. For instance, a Project may include a task to retrieve data from a database server, a second task to convert the data into an Excel document, a third task to encrypt the document, and finally a task to distribute the encrypted document to an SFTP server.  There are no limits to the number of tasks that can be performed within a single Project.
Projects are designed using intuitive wizards and templates. No programming or special technical skills are needed. The Project definitions are stored in a central database, which can be worked with, scheduled and executed by authorized users and applications. 
Listed below is a sample Project outline which retrieves data from a database file, converts the data into an Excel document, encrypts the document with OpenPGP and transmits it to a FTP server: 
Project Designer
Projects are organized within user-defined folders.  Each folder can have granular permissions to control which users can view and/or execute the Projects within that folder. For instance, users within the HR department may only be authorized to run Projects within the HR folder.
Project Manager


Project Features

  • Define through graphical wizards
  • Chain together an unlimited number of tasks
  • Pass results from one task into another
  • Conditionally execute tasks
  • Group tasks within loops
  • Define and utilize variables, which may be overridden at runtime
  • Define error recovery logic
  • Define custom logging levels
  • Organize projects under user-defined folders
  • Execute from almost any platform

GoAnywhere Director can be installed onto Windows, Linux, IBM i, AIX (pSeries), UNIX, HP-UX, Mac OS and Solaris platforms.  IBM i is also referred to as System i, iSeries, as400, as/400 and i5.