Error reading CSV File

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Error reading CSV File

Postby BernardinoBMM » Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:10 pm

Im trying to read a CSV file and upload it to a DB2-400 database, The CVS data is pipe separated and I set the configuration to read CVS task as follow:

Field Delimiter = pipe
Record Delimiter=CRLF
Text Qualifier = none
Encoding =

When GAW read the file it fail with the following error:
Invalid record was found with boundaries '3198, 0, 3199, 0'. Invalid character '"' at line '3.198' and column '57. The field must be enclosed with in '"' characters.

the line where its fails look like this

ok--->20100132754|30|150122|01|PASEO DE LA REPUBLICA|5545|-|01|SAN ANTONIO|-|LOCAL
fail-->20100048885|13|150135|04|FIORI |115|A"|12|CENTRO COMERCIAL

its seam that GAW is especting the " caracter even text qualifier is "none"
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