iSeries Disaster Recovery procedures

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iSeries Disaster Recovery procedures

Postby Support_Julie » Tue Mar 10, 2009 4:26 pm

Saving GoAnywhere Product

iSeries – Saving

Using the supplied iSeries command named SAVPRD, you can save the GoAnywhere product from an iSeries machine. This will save all GoAnywhere objects and user data (including configurations and transfer definitions) into a single iSeries Save file. This will allow you to easily restore GoAnywhere onto another iSeries machine, which is especially useful for disaster recovery purposes.

Perform the following steps to save the GoAnywhere product using the iSeries SAVPRD command:

1. First end the GoAnywhere subsystem using the GOANYWHERE/ENDGA command. Then, key in the iSeries command LIBRARY/SAVPRD, where “LIBRARY” is the installation library of the GoAnywhere server engine. The default installation library is “GOANYWHERE”.

2. Press F4 to prompt the command.

3. Specify the name of the library that contains the GoAnywhere product.

4. Specify the name and library of the Save file to store the GoAnywhere product. The specified Save file will be automatically created.

5. Press enter to perform the save operation.

6. Make sure that you save the license file. ( /Linoma/goanywhere/goanywhere.lic ) The license key is unique to each system.

Save GoAnywhere Objects (SAVPRD)

Type choices, press Enter.

Product library . . . . . . . . GOANYWHERE Character value
Save File . . . . . . . . . . . GOANYWHERE Name
Library . . . . . . . . . . . QGPL Name, *LIBL

The following steps are performed by the SAVPRD command:
1. The GoAnywhere library is saved into a temporary Save file named QTEMP/SLIBGA.
2. The GoAnywhere IFS folder is saved into a temporary Save file named QTEMP/SIFSGA.
3. Both temporary Save files are saved into the Save file specified on the SAVPRD command.

iSeries – Restoring

Follow these steps to restore the GoAnywhere product from the Save file:

1. If you are using a specific user profile to start GoAnywhere, then you will need to create that user profile on the target system. Using the CRTUSRPRF command, create a user profile with the same name and authorities that were used in the original installation of GoAnywhere. Example: CRTUSRPRF USRPRF(GOANYWHERE)

2. Restore the temporary Save files into the QTEMP library. Example: RSTOBJ OBJ(*ALL) SAVLIB(QTEMP) DEV(*SAVF) SAVF(QGPL/GOANYWHERE)

3. Restore the GoAnywhere library from the Save file named SLIBGA.


4. Restore the GoAnywhere IFS folder from the Save file named SIFSGA.

Example: RST DEV('/QSYS.LIB/QTEMP.LIB/ SIFSGA.FILE') OBJ(('/linoma/*'))

5. If the iSeries IP address is different than the IP address of the original installation, then you should run the CFGGA command (contained in the GoAnywhere library) and specify the new IP address.
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